Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Career Plan--Think a sort of corporate executive

You've been going 6-to-late; exhausted by running the supersonic treadmill of life and need you had a distinct job. However you cannot as a result of you've got no time and you are left spent at the tip of each day. Conversely, you are gut tells you that everything would vary if you will solely realize the correct career match. You'll stop striking the snooze button each morning and acquire back to enjoying the sport of life. 

You might be shocked to be told that thinking somewhat a corporate executive can teaches you lots concerning career coming up with. Marvel how? Then browse on and find out how being a corporate executive has the everything to try to with mapping out a no-hit career. 

1.        As a Chief Exploration Officer, your start is to have the interaction in self-exploration. It's the key to career coming up with and decision-making. The higher you recognize yourself, the a lot of au fait career selections you may create. One between the simplest ways in which to hone in on your natural skills, interests and strengths is to re-visit your childhood years, dreams and passions. What did your keen on to do? United Nations agency did you relish being with? What did you wish to play most? What were your favorite sports and interests? Did you've got any hobbies? Wherever did you image yourself within the future? The passed typically holds the simplest clues. You may conjointly need to hunt the assistance of a trained career counselor or coach to help you outline career choices that suit your skills and interests, and help you explore current and future labour markets and trends. Slim down the alternatives and seriously examine one or two career choices that fit your needs. Trust your heart or intuition. It most frequently leads you within the right direction. 

2.        As a Chief academic Officer, you would like to look at the competencies and skills needed in your alternative of labor. Once you establish one or a lot of career choices, list the talents and competencies you would like to maneuver foreword. What does one got to know? And what does one presently know? Create a concept to fill the gaps weather or not through college, situation, reading, volunteering, etc. 

3.        As a Chief Experiential Officer, you would like to speak to the people that are literally within the career you have known for yourself. It takes you from dream mode to reality check. Search out a minimum of five people that square measure operating within the career field you've got known. Hint, the a lot of folks you interview, the better. You'll realize common themes and knowledge that may be valuable to your career coming up with method and judgment. Do not hesitate in creating the calls. The majority like to name themselves and their experience. If doable, raise to satisfy with them in the flesh. It provides an a lot of high bit approach. After you meet, be candid and curious. This is often your chance to be told from people that square measure operating what you are still brooding about. Preplan some queries rigorously. Do they relish their job? What reasonably education and skill do they recommend? What do they like and dislike? Arouse their recommendations and what they suppose you would like to achieve success within the career. You may conjointly need to have the faith in inviting  one between them to be your mentor as you progress foreword in your personnel career aspirations and goals. 

4.        As a Chief Engagement Officer, you will have to be compelled to continue prime of your game. Keep self-motivated, energized and engaged within the career coming up with method. Here's the reality. Career coming up with, exploring and creating career selections take energy and time. Have faith in what you will want from yourself, similarly as from your surroundings, schedule and support network to stay yourself engaged and moving foreword. have the faith in what nourishes and nurtures you. What feeds your energy level? 

5.        As a Chief Employment Officer, you are your greatest resource find the correct employment. In the end, the career coming up with method leads you to finding the correct job for the correct cash. A mix of statistics and interviews still prove that networks square measure the quantity one resource to finding your next job. Keep well connected and share your plans. Within the finish it's you who's getting to flip career coming up with and aspirations into reality.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Silver Bullet For Success: Revealed

Looking for the magic formula or the whiz-bang approach that will unlock your
business success? Are you willing to pay hundreds for it? How about thousands?

Guess what, you are not alone.
Just as people, for ages, have searched for the fountain of youth, entrepreneurs and
small business owners around the world are looking for the silver bullet for success: that one sure-fire way to achieve the success that they want without doing a thing.
This demand for this magic "success" pill has grown even more desperate and confusing. This need, especially for entrepreneurs, is understandable; time is limited, budgets are not yet created and... lives are at stake... yours.

Well you can rest easy.  Your search is over.  Are you ready for the answer? There is
no silver bullet.... or is there?

While speaking at seminars around the country with dozens of other experts in their
field, I'm amazed at the amount products that can... and will...help business owners
create more successful businesses. I mean we're one of them.  The plethora of
information available today is astounding and often... overwhelming.

This hit home a few weeks ago while I was speaking at a multi-day seminar for
small business owners. I was honored to be among a select few outstanding experts
speaking about marketing for small business owners. I watched the confusion grow
in the audience as program after program (mine included) was rolled out throughout
the three days, as the business owners tried to determine which product best served
their need at that particular moment.

I watched them.  No, I studied them.  And, my heart went out to them... mostly
because I'm just like them.  I'm just like you-- a small business owner with a vision
for my business and looking for help to accomplish it.  While some people at this
seminar invested in a product that met their biggest problem at that specific time,
some didn't at all. Often these purchased products are listened to for a short period
of time; some are even applied... for a short period of time. These tools are often
relegated to a closet or bookshelf-- abandoned for another new tool at another
seminar at another time. Thus begins a vicious cycle that leaves the purchaser
feeling empty, without the business power they were looking for in the first place. I
refer to this to as "shelf-help"--serving only the shelf that these products sit on.  
Watching and talking to these business owners... no wonder they wanted the silver

And even though my business success tool, BrandU, breaks down the powerful
brand development process into a easy to follow step-by-step system, once in a
very blue moon one of my students finds themselves sitting with the power they got
from creating their brand asking "Is this it?"  "Am I done?" "Where's my success?"
While they carefully chose, and found value in, BrandU what they really wanted
was... yep that's right... that darn silver bullet.

The bottom line is no matter how much external work you do, learning and
application, emulating and testing, there is no single silver bullet to assist you
reaching your success goals.  Success is more like silver buckshot-- a shower of
focused impact full hits. These focused efforts can be distilled down to four major
"pellets" or keys of success:

o Deliver Value.

This may sound overtly obvious for most of you, however you must always think of
your customer first and be sure that you are delivering the most helpful and
valuable content.

o Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

You just can't get away from this key-- and you shouldn't.  Everything you say,
write, show and do must support your vision and your... brand.  In your
presentations, your e-mails, your web site, your content, your marketing materials.
The ability for your customer to completely experience your brand depends on
consistent communication from you. Only then, will they value you.

o Finish What You Start.

Once you commit to yourself, a partner, your staff, a client or customer always
follow-through-- to a fault. The corollary of follow-through is under-promise and
over-deliver.  Set and keep expectations where they belong-- calm, reliable and
consistently in-favor of the other party.  You will be rewarded.
And finally,

o Own Your Power.

Now for the most misunderstood key. You've heard it stated in a number of ways.  
To us it means know your power and own the path you travel on and the results you
get from it.  If your "inner house" is built on a solid foundation, it is imperative that
your own the power you know you have. No confusion, no avoidance, no
'victimhood' and no excuses.  Be a voracious learning sponge. Stand strong, watch
for helpers, take bold steps, lovingly adjust and stand ready to reap the rewards!

With these pellets in your shell, your silver buckshot is sure to hit your target.

Come to think about it, the four keys do have one thing in common: they are all
completely in your control.  Could that mean there really is a silver bullet for
success after all? There is one true, fail-proof thing that you can depend upon for all
your business success and that thing is... you.  Weld yourself wisely; your success
depends on it!
Make a plan that is supported by your vision, surround yourself with the right
people and tools that specifically support that plan and put the silver bullet that is
you in action.  You will experience all the success than you can imagine.